PRESS RELEASE: A Voice for the Reduction of Poverty Releases Election Survey Results from Mayoral & Council-At-Large Candidates

We are pleased to announce that an overwhelming majority of Mayoral and At-Large Council candidates, and many running for District Council seats, have pledged to support a series of overarching principles and policy recommendations aimed to ensure that all Nashvillians can benefit from the city’s economic growth.

See the full press release here.

Tennessean Op-Ed: "A Voice for the Reduction of Poverty Gains Support from Mayoral & At-Large Candidates"

Our recent Op-Ed in The Tennessean explains why we decided to write a mission statement for Nashville — what we are calling a “Community Covenant” — and includes the text of the Covenant. It also lists the 50 candidates who have agreed, if elected, to sponsor or support the Community Covenant and its recommendations in the form of a non-binding resolution to the Metro Council.