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Nashville Rising Forum: Work, Wages, & the Future of Nashville

  • Tennessee State University, Avon Williams Campus (map)
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The 2019 Nashville Rising Forum: Work, Wages and the Future of Nashville is an opportunity for a cross-sectional audience of our business, entrepreneurial, hospitality, government, nonprofit, workforce, and advocacy communities, along with interested members of the public, to examine how we can build a culture of “decency of work for all” who live and work in the Nashville community. This gathering will link and build on conversations centered on the conditions of employment, already begun by various community groups, to create a shared vision and a community covenant that will serve as standards for what constitutes an ethical and fair workplace in Nashville.

A brief overview of the current challenges facing many Nashvillians as a result of our city's exponential and unbalanced growth over the last decade. Too many Nashvillians are being displaced due to the low wages they receive for their work and the lack of affordable housing.
In the face of the challenges confronting Nashville, more and more Nashvillians are starting to get involved to work towards a better, more equitable city. William Jenkins: "I think Nashville has the potential the best possible result of America."
For each challenge that is facing Nashville there is a solution. We, the residents of Nashville, demand that our leaders do more to help all Nashvillians benefit from our city's economic growth. We must organize to demand more from our local government, such as better public education & job training, participatory budgeting, listening campaigns, and increased transparency.
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